From a full time high school teacher with a side hustle of photography, to a full time photographer who just couldn't let go of teaching.

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For seven years I was a teacher. It defined me, not only in the classroom but in my life outside of school as well. I have always loved helping others, putting others first was always a priority to me, and watching the success of those who I was able to spend my time with has always been such an incredible feeling for me. Aside from being a classroom teacher I was also a dance/drill team director, spending the majority of my day mentoring and pouring my heart into my team of amazing dancers and young women and watching them grow with so much pride I could burst! When I made the decision to leave my teaching career for my photography career, I was terrified. Wouldn't I miss this huge part of my life? I’ll never forget telling my principal that I was leaving. He was worried about me, worried that I would feel unfulfilled- he knew how much I put my heart into my teaching. I’ll be honest… I was worried too! I immediately sprung into action, lining up choreography jobs, signing on to help other teachers and dance teams for the next school year, anything to guarantee that I wouldn’t lose that part of myself, the part of my heart that wants to help and watch other grow and blossom into whatever they were working toward. And then it hit me!

For months, I had been answering photographers’ questions over instagram DMs, having coffee dates with budding entrepreneurs who wanted advice, sending my senior guides and info sheets to others who were working to develop their own styles and business models. I was still teaching and it still brought me so much joy! To me, I was just being friendly, but then I remembered my own start. When I began in my business, I had exactly one photographer lend me an ear, look at my work, and show me kindness and grace. I had countless others guard their industry fiercely from the new part-time photographer, and I didn’t fully understand why. I thought maybe that was they way the creative world worked, and I needed to get out of the “educator mindset” of sharing and community; until about a year later when I found some awesome groups full of amazing and generous people who shared my mindset on how the more information and education there is out there the better for our community as a whole. I realized there are people out there who want this information, so why not give it to them?! So here we go! I truly hope that I can help give you a little encouragement and to help in your growth!
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